days for iOS

days leverages the power of all your iOS Calendars, giving a unique view of your events in a straightforward and simple manner.  Behind it’s simple interface lays a powerful set of database style tools allowing you to manage all your Calendars.  Days lets your organize, sort, and search all events with drill down filtering on Categories / Calendars.   View all your personal, work, home, subscribed, Facebook events and Birthday calendars like never before.

As well as managing all your iOS calendars, days provides it’s own local or iCloud storage separately from Calendar.  This allows you to store those special and important dates, which can be organized into three broad categories: Days Gone, Annual Events, and Days to Go.  For these local days events, you can also have the app alert you in advance - from on the day to up to 99 days before, as well as displaying intelligent badge counts both within the app and on the home screen icon.

Days Gone Tab

This list shows how many days have passed since a certain event you would like to remember. Useful for remembering when you last got a hair cut, or when you quit smoking, or track how old your equipment and possessions are, or your work and academic history (useful when compiling CV’s)

Annual Tab

This list consists of annually recurring events, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, national/public  holidays etc..  Enter the details once, and days will continually display and cycle the next event with days to go and current age (unless you turn off the age counting function when the start date is unknown or irrelevant)

Days To Go Tab

This list is great for date based to-do events as well as any future event that needs to be acted upon.  How many times have you forgot to renew a legal document (Passport / Visa / Residence Permit / Car Papers) and then got in to trouble with authorities?

This tab will display the days to go before an event, and when the event due date is past, it will start to show negative days-to-go in red, so you will always be reminded of any event you forgot and by how many days.  You can then either delete the event or modify the due date (for example if you obtained a new passport, just set the date to the new passport expiry date)

All + Cal Tab

This list shows all days items (Days Gone, Annual, Days To Go), as well as all your iOS Calendar entries.  You can use the extensive filtering and search capabilities here to drill down and find events.


Each days store event can be categorized according to your requirements.  There are no built in categories, whenever you add/modify an event, you either select an existing category entered before, or add a new category on the add/edit screen.  The categories you enter can then be used to filter the main lists pages for display or for e-mailing specific category events to a friend.  When a category no longer has any events, it is automatically deleted, so there is no need for a separate category management screen.


For each event you can enter an unlimited amount of notes (physical device memory allowing)

For annual events and days gone, a milestone counter is automatically added to the notes view so you can see the dates for each 1000 days since start.  For annual events, on option on the edit screen allows you to show the total days old included as a notes entry.

iCloud Sync

days can keep all your events in sync across your iOS devices using Apple’s iCloud service.  A database synching service is provided, so only actual changes are transferred across devices, rather than the whole database being transferred.

E-Mail days Information

Great for sharing, printing, transferring, or backing up your days info.  Send attractively formatted HTML e-mail body and/or share files which can be used to import events back into days on any device.  The e-mail will be sent respecting current sorting mode and filtering settings for each tab.

E-Mail Backup /Restore (Share)

An events file can be sent from the app to be opened by anyone with the days app for importing.  The events can be selected individually for sending, and the receiver can also select which events are to be imported.  To speed the sending of data, you can first filter items, and select which date types to send (i.e. annual/days gone/days to go).  This function is great for sharing appointments and schedules between your friends, family, colleagues, etc. In case of accidental Replace/Merge, a restore feature is available which will restore the event data to before the last Replace/Merge operation performed.

Date Calculator

The date calculator allows you to calculate the timespan between any two dates (using the date picker view) or add date units to a base date to find a new date (using the Units picker view).

Password Protection

If you don’t want prying eyes looking at your days information, you can password lock the app.  This will require you to enter your password to open the app.


Set the time for alerts to go off, set the symbols used for years/months/days (y/m/d) in the main lists (for localisation reasons or to not use some or all of them), and you can also opt to use the compact date format if you prefer.  You can also set wether the main lists show the count down in actual days or show a date span.  Choose from 3 UI theme colors (Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Plain)


Search is available in all list views, and allows drill down searching within the Calendars / Categories selected.  All searches look for matches in the event title and notes fields.

Subscribed Calendars

If your looking for calendars to subscribe to, such as the ones shown in the screen shots showing UK/US Holiday, NFL Game Fixtures, English Football Club Fixtures, etc a great place for these is the website which has 1000‘s of calendars in all sorts of categories or Apple’ own calendar subscription service at

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