Q&A Sessions for iOS

Q&A Sessions is an app that allows you to create a local database of question and answer sessions.  These can be sessions in preparation for business meetings, personal questions and inquiries, academic information, or any situation that requires questions to be answered. 

The app aims to let you create a database of questions and answers that can be re-used to create new sessions, or kept for later reference.


Organise sessions by Categories you define, for example Business, Personal, Academic, Professional, etc..

Organise sessions by any status you define, for example In-Progress, Completed, Deferred, etc..

Organise sessions by Contacts  - Pull in contacts from you iOS address book or add locally managed contacts

Each session can have multiple contacts associated with them

Assign a status to each individual question and answer (Un-Started / In-Progress / Answered)

Generate elegant e-mail tables of question and answer sessions automatically for each contact assigned to the session

Export sessions via e-mail XML files for automatically importing in the Q&A Sessions app on any iOS device.  This feature is great when the counterpart of the session also has the app installed.  It means they can easily import the session, fill out the answers and send the file back to you for re-importing.  Then both parties keep a permanent record of the session.

Universal app - prepare a sessions on your iPad, and e-mail that session to your iPhone for automatically importing to the app and taking into a meeting.  Fill out the answers and e-mail the session back to your iPad, or anybody else with the app.  For those without the app, e-mail the results using the elegant HTML table containing the questions and answers.


Extensive search capabilities to help you find questions and answers quickly.  The search functions are context sensitive, so allow you to search everywhere, within a category, or within a single session.

Create new Sessions by copying questions and/or answers from previous sessions

Create new Sessions by completely duplicating a previous session

Re-Order Categories and Sessions within Categories (use the standard iOS table re-ordering facilities)

Re-Order Contacts and Status items

Backup all sessions via XML files for e-mailing.  These backup files can then be re-imported onto any iOS device with the Q&A Sessions app

Export individual sessions

Import Sessions from previous backups or from other contacts

Use the Export and Import features to collaborate on sessions with contacts.

Increase / Decrease font sizes for your reading preferences (this is a global setting, so stays persistent across screens and launches), and is available on most screens.

All screens rotate to all interface positions on iPhone / iPod Touch

The app has been built using Apple's powerful "Core Data" database technology, thereby providing secure and robust data management.

The app is a great substitute for using conventional e-mail for question and answer sessions.  So instead of sending e-mail's back and forth and then getting lost or searching through streams of separate e-mails, have one convenient store for all sessions which can easily be organised by projects and contacts, and easily searched for specific questions.

contact : naim